March 29, 2016

MJHEP final stage interview 2016

Hey peeps!

To my utter surprise, I was recently notified by the Yayasan Pelajaran Mara because I was shortlisted again for the MJHEP interview. Yes, you read it right, I have to attend the interview twice! 
It's just that this time, it is called the final interview.

"So what? You should be grateful for given the chance to attend interviews"

"Yeah, we didn't even get any offers"

Nevertheless, that's not the problem, mate. 

Previously, we were apprised by them (the JADYPM guys) that there will be one interview only. Just like the years before. So that simply means that after we have succeeded in the first interview, then we will be accepted and that's it! No more second interview or whatever. 

Presumably, I suppose that the competition this year is even tougher than ever. And since the factor of economic recession in our country has become worsen (who to blame?) so everything especially when it comes to scholarship, the selection has become stricter and even more arduous. 

But hey, we were all filled with robust spirits to strike whatever coming through our way! (sounds like kamen rider or something LOL)

So today (29th March 2016), I arrived at the MJII slightly earlier than the time mentioned in the invitation letter (I don't know what is it called) which was about 7.25 am. So my dad decided to buy some cream filled breads from the 7E amongst the shop lots in front since I ate nothing yet. Breakfast is settled.

Then I wandered around the place and took some pictures (but none of myself are in them since I'm not photogenic) So here they are:-

The entrance sign

I cannot recall the location of these places.

As always, before all there was the registration part. We queued at the counter whilst waiting for our turns. So japanesey.

Then again, we were required to gather in a conference room with other shortlisted candidates to listen to briefings, bla bla bla, you know what's gonna happen next. And we sat according to our groups, just so you know. 

How luckily, I got to join the first group! So there were four of us; Hakeem (SAMURA), Aizat (KUSESS), Farah (SMKP Bukit Kuda) and me. Indeed it was a real pleasure meeting them, despite not having anything in common besides our race (Duh, isn't that obvious?) and being former SBP students. (No worries Farah, Hakeem and I even chatted with you regarding our concerns about the future right?)

So our interview started approximately around 8.30am. And yes you're right, this is a group interview similar to the first one.

Naturally, I was nervous too but not as bad as Farin (she was super nervous and constantly reminded me about her fears and concerns regarding her future). By the way she was a classmate of mine back then in BASIS.

Now the interview part, we were required to give copies of our SPM results slip to the panels (there were three of them) and it was time for them to evaluate us. So basically, the interview went quite well since it was pretty much a Q&A session, just harder. And mostly, they asked about general knowledge like the background of MARA, names of a few cabinet ministers especially the female ones, something about VR (Virtual Reality) and some other random questions. 

My only advice is, don't simply overshadow any of your group members. My mistake was that I answered too many questions repetitively even if they didn't ask me to. To make it sound easier, I interrupted them while they was answering some of the questions. And sadly, I was scolded by one of panels.

"This is an interview, okay? Don't simply interrupt"

So dear folks, please remember that for any group interviews in the future. 

So that's basically it. It's just that I really had to leave the place immediately, soon after I have finished the interview since I totally forgot to complete the Yayasan Khazanah assessment! Even worse, the deadline is that afternoon, before 2 pm. (I'm gonna be a dead meat) (No, not really. I managed to finish everything on time before 2 though. But I wildly guessed everything) 

Sorry Anas, Nazmi and Farin. We didn't get to take pictures together. How bad.
Big goodbye to MJII. Hope to see you again real soon!
(some hiraganas spotted on the road)

To sum everything up, here's a picture of Roti Canai and Iced Milo from the "Mamak" in front. I ended up eating them for brunch! (don't blame me, I ate nothing but some small breads for breakfast) 


March 25, 2016

YTN scholarship interview 2016 (Part 2)

Hey peeps! before we progress, this is actually the second part of my YTN interview post. So click here for the first part.

Again, I was sitting in the conference room together with the smart-asses I suppose, paying attention to Mrs. I-don't-know-her-name while she was giving us a simple briefing on TNB and the scholarships offered. And dear people, please remain focus because the panel of interviewers might be asking you of what you were told during the briefing session later.

The process took quite a while before we were given a sheet full of questions and we were told to answer them within 10 minutes. Remember, time waits for no person so please don't underestimate the time given. I know that you people are geniuses but just don't.

If I'm not mistaken, the set comprised of about 10++ questions?? Sorry because I can't recall lol. The questions were all KBAT-oriented and sadly, they did mentioned about integrity so we weren't supposed to share any of the questions to the public.

But you don't really need to worry at all! Trust me, they were not really as bad as the KBAT sounds because mostly they will ask you about your personal life, what you were doing during your childhood days whatsoever.

Or else I would be banging my head against the wall since I was sitting right next to it. Hahaha.

Then there was the photography session.

So folks, rock the best outfit! (besides for good first impression from the interviewers)

So that concludes the briefing session. And break, whilst we were served with jam filled breads and packet drinks, later we shared our feelings, nervousness and even our background before we were called for the individual interview by groups.

At least, race doesn't even matter at that time because we all shared the same thoughts of having butterflies in our stomachs. And some last minute interview tips as well. Living perfectly well in union, right? BTN (Biro Tatanegara, just so you know) would be very proud of us! *facepalm*

Now, the interview. The akak in charged called us one by one and we had to sit first outside the room before entering. So, this is the perfect time to wish anyone around you good luck because thats just our tradition right? We wish good luck to everyone we meet.

So basically, my interview was pretty much the same as what we were told by our teachers, our seniors or whoever else it may be. At least the starting was like that because the interviewers ended up asking me questions like when was the last time I went to Big Bad Wolf, my opinion about Freemason and Illuminati (I'm not joking, this is true) and how frequent do I go to IOI City Mall after I told them that I'm currently living in Bandar Baru Bangi. (I admit Bangi and IOI City Mall is quite near so no wonder)

Needless to say(or type), my advice during the interview;

1. Tell them about yourself, in a way that they cannot find or read from your resume, folder or whatever it may be. For instance, after telling them your name and school, try to elaborate more on your hobbies (beneficial only) like the pros of doing it or something else good. From there onwards, you will be able to articulate yourself better.

2. Please avoid lying as possible as you can, especially if you're not good at it. During interviews, honesty is the best policy most of the times (not at all times though). This is to avoid stutter during your explanation because you have to think about the made up stories of yours. Unless if you have already prepared a fake inspiring story earlier and have undergone adequate practice, maybe that's okay.

3. Avoid using "emmm" and "ahh" at all times. Albeit you might be telling the interviewers a true story of yours, but it is most likely for them to think that you're making up stories. Maybe you might be having some trouble conversing in english because most of the interviews are in english. So the best tip is to have confidence. How? By not freaking out or thinking too much on your grammar. Seriously, most of us are afraid to communicate in english because we would be embarrassed if other people would make fun of our grammar. I'm not saying that you have to totally ignore your grammar because your english might end up sounding ridiculous or even hard to understand. But again, practice is really the key. Preparing an outline for your speech is good too.

4. Keep a good and consistent eye contact. Avoid looking into the ceiling or any windows while presenting your interview speech. In my case, there were three interviewers so you have to keep looking into their eyes for a more convincing look. I know some of you would be very nervous to have to look continuously into one's eyes. So I reckon you to practice first like whenever you're having a business or dealing with a cashier in Tesco, or a waitress in a cafe, try to make an eye contact with them first. I know this might sound weird and a bit awkward but trust me, it actually works! Don't forget to smile too.

5. Lastly, I'm just going to add from the first point. I know that every one of us, including me senses the urge of telling the interviewers that we are the best candidate compared to anyone else. You can easily go from showing off your thick certificates from your school days or bragging about your daring personality just to convince them that you're the creme de la creme. Trust me, especially if you are in the evening session, the interviewers have already heard the same boring things about the students' achievements during their high school days even from the morning. I wouldn't say that it is not right but I would prefer to tell them more about my personal life and the adversities that I have gone through and how I overcame them. By doing so, it clearly shows that I possess the admirable qualities without having to mention about them so often.

All in all, my interview went quite well but it wasn't really satisfying because these tips were extracted from my own experience of doing mistakes (and also a big thank you to Kak Ayman Hazwani for the advice!). Good luck!

Break a leg!

March 22, 2016

YTN scholarship interview 2016 (Part 1)


I'm back! And it has been several days after my previous post. If you guys can still remember (its not even a gazillion years), I was shortlisted for the YTN interview and today is the day! (I got the afternoon session)

So, today I woke up a little extra early than usual (to be honest it was only 30 minutes earlier) so as to finish anything that's left to do.




Just kidding! Just so you know, Mr. Procrastination will always (I hope not) be my truest mate. That one treacherous friend that'll definitely backstab you at the most unexpected time of the day.

Back to the story, the interview was held at the RHR Hotel which is located inside of the Uniten in Bangi. Surprisingly, despite all the news that we heard almost everywhere, the weather wasn't even sunny at all. There was no sign of extreme heat wave and in fact it was drizzling pretty heavily not as per usual.

This is the front section of the hotel. As I've mentioned earlier, it was raining cats and dogs so I grabbed this pic from google image (I have to). Hahaha. But now, the hotel has already transformed to grey.

The registration part was a bit weird and confusing (not really, but to me it is). Just because I arrived to the hotel a little bit early (as ordered by YTN themselves), so I decided to spare my time wandering around the lobby, looking for open wifi. And no, there's no wifi for you. I suppose you will have to be the hotel guest first? So here's a few snaps of the lobby (I'm sorry but its pretty bad)

East wing of the lobby

West wing

Then there was this one guy (I cannot recall his name) calling for scholarship applicants from the east wing of the lobby. So we gathered and there were like 20 of us? (I don't know! 20 is just a hentam approximation) And then I saw our names listed on the whiteboard.

Guess what? there was Zafri Zahri amongst the names on the list (Jep, if you're reading this, Hi!) I don't know but I felt so excited out of a sudden. Just so you know, he was a classmate of mine back then in BASIS. But then again, only did I realize that he was assigned for the morning session. Mine was the afternoon session (not so afternoon, I would call it evening because it started at approximately 2pm)

Next, we were required to go to the first floor. And there was the place where all the registrations and stuff were held. And we got divided into 7 groups if I'm not mistaken. But let me get things clear before we progress, THIS IS NOT A GROUP INTERVIEW. The grouping was only meant to determine the room that we're about to get interviewed. So, I got to join group B.

Before that, PLEASE REMEMBER TO ALWAYS BRING BOTH THE ORIGINAL AND PHOTOSTATED VERSION OF YOUR CERTIFICATES. Make sure that the photostated version of your certs have been certified earlier by your school's principal or whoever that is eligible.
Or else you might be facing problem of not getting allowed to be interviewed so please be cautious.

We were then ordered to wait in a pretty plain and not so fancy conference room named Titan 5 (I cannot recall the name of the room lol) for a simple briefing on the history of TNB as well as the courses and countries offered.

While waiting, I managed to take a few pics of the other applicants so here they are:-

See, its all plain white and boring.

2 lovely ladies from SESERI (don't get confused with SSP, okay?)

Meet Adrian, my newly met friend from Tanjong Karang. (update; I will be meeting him again during PYD!)

Okay, I'm gonna continue in another post because why not :)

March 18, 2016

Pretty uninteresting posts ahead

Hey peeps!

Yes, the title bares it all...

I don't know what's with the sudden obsession, but for sure I will be posting about boring scholarships interviews and stuff.

One of the reasons is because I was shortlisted for an interview from one of the scholarship bodies. And this is not my first time.

So having the chance to attend the interview was one thing, but the experiences I gained was another! I can now at least annihilate any tinge of nervousness, striking unexpectedly.

As a bonus, I also finally got to meet my ex-schoolmates from SMKJ4 (some of them moved to SASER and ASIS) and some interview dos and don'ts as well.

And yes, maybe I will be posting that up later too. Surely before the world ends.

I suppose that's it since I have to finish 2 more essays due tomorrow (sigh). Sayonara!

Random rants

Hey peeps!

So it has been March 2016 already and obviously, I haven't posted anything during 2015. Well, probably because it was the most frightful (and busiest) year amongst any other years.

Yes, it was the examination (read: SPM) year!

Well to be honest, not really because it is of no use for me to post anything since no one would ever read or found this blog anyway.

So first week of March had been very hectic since we all need to do researches about scholarships and stuff. Even the very very early stage of scholarship application is super exhausting since we need to write essays ranging from 250 to 1000 words. Not to forget, when it comes to the part where we have to fill in the form with infos of our family members.

Simply imagine if you have more than 5 siblings!

I wonder if the past scholars had been doing the same mundane, boring, monotonous, uninteresting (I'm squeezing in every word possible to emphasize the dullness of this activity) thing...

And even the sadder part is that getting to know that my friends were not qualified to apply for most of the scholarships despite getting straight A's (combination of A+/A/A-) albeit it seems like not succeeding of getting shortlisted for the applied scholarship after all the essay and hard work is such a disappointment either.

Speaking about results, Well I didn't managed to get straight A+, or 9A+ in my case although I have been aiming on getting such gratification, so basically my actual results fell short of that. To be honest, I was devastated at first upon receiving my slip on the stage and I did burst into tears right after I got down from the stage, but for a few seconds only!

Haha funny me!

However, such feelings of affliction gradually faded and now, I am being grateful and it is such a liberating experience because I no longer have to live depressingly under the hopes of anyone. Yes, I cannot fulfill everyone's expectation, in fact no one can, right? And yet, people still congratulate me on my results.

"Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?"
-Surah Ar-Rahman

So now lets just wait for the best planning that Allah has for us. Adios!