March 29, 2016

MJHEP final stage interview 2016

Hey peeps!

To my utter surprise, I was recently notified by the Yayasan Pelajaran Mara because I was shortlisted again for the MJHEP interview. Yes, you read it right, I have to attend the interview twice! 
It's just that this time, it is called the final interview.

"So what? You should be grateful for given the chance to attend interviews"

"Yeah, we didn't even get any offers"

Nevertheless, that's not the problem, mate. 

Previously, we were apprised by them (the JADYPM guys) that there will be one interview only. Just like the years before. So that simply means that after we have succeeded in the first interview, then we will be accepted and that's it! No more second interview or whatever. 

Presumably, I suppose that the competition this year is even tougher than ever. And since the factor of economic recession in our country has become worsen (who to blame?) so everything especially when it comes to scholarship, the selection has become stricter and even more arduous. 

But hey, we were all filled with robust spirits to strike whatever coming through our way! (sounds like kamen rider or something LOL)

So today (29th March 2016), I arrived at the MJII slightly earlier than the time mentioned in the invitation letter (I don't know what is it called) which was about 7.25 am. So my dad decided to buy some cream filled breads from the 7E amongst the shop lots in front since I ate nothing yet. Breakfast is settled.

Then I wandered around the place and took some pictures (but none of myself are in them since I'm not photogenic) So here they are:-

The entrance sign

I cannot recall the location of these places.

As always, before all there was the registration part. We queued at the counter whilst waiting for our turns. So japanesey.

Then again, we were required to gather in a conference room with other shortlisted candidates to listen to briefings, bla bla bla, you know what's gonna happen next. And we sat according to our groups, just so you know. 

How luckily, I got to join the first group! So there were four of us; Hakeem (SAMURA), Aizat (KUSESS), Farah (SMKP Bukit Kuda) and me. Indeed it was a real pleasure meeting them, despite not having anything in common besides our race (Duh, isn't that obvious?) and being former SBP students. (No worries Farah, Hakeem and I even chatted with you regarding our concerns about the future right?)

So our interview started approximately around 8.30am. And yes you're right, this is a group interview similar to the first one.

Naturally, I was nervous too but not as bad as Farin (she was super nervous and constantly reminded me about her fears and concerns regarding her future). By the way she was a classmate of mine back then in BASIS.

Now the interview part, we were required to give copies of our SPM results slip to the panels (there were three of them) and it was time for them to evaluate us. So basically, the interview went quite well since it was pretty much a Q&A session, just harder. And mostly, they asked about general knowledge like the background of MARA, names of a few cabinet ministers especially the female ones, something about VR (Virtual Reality) and some other random questions. 

My only advice is, don't simply overshadow any of your group members. My mistake was that I answered too many questions repetitively even if they didn't ask me to. To make it sound easier, I interrupted them while they was answering some of the questions. And sadly, I was scolded by one of panels.

"This is an interview, okay? Don't simply interrupt"

So dear folks, please remember that for any group interviews in the future. 

So that's basically it. It's just that I really had to leave the place immediately, soon after I have finished the interview since I totally forgot to complete the Yayasan Khazanah assessment! Even worse, the deadline is that afternoon, before 2 pm. (I'm gonna be a dead meat) (No, not really. I managed to finish everything on time before 2 though. But I wildly guessed everything) 

Sorry Anas, Nazmi and Farin. We didn't get to take pictures together. How bad.
Big goodbye to MJII. Hope to see you again real soon!
(some hiraganas spotted on the road)

To sum everything up, here's a picture of Roti Canai and Iced Milo from the "Mamak" in front. I ended up eating them for brunch! (don't blame me, I ate nothing but some small breads for breakfast) 



  1. Wow, is so generous of you to share with us your experiences. Looking forward for the next post!

    1. ceh atsmara, maybe this will be the last post for March. Btw thanks for reading again!

  2. u replaced me again now with bunches of people hahahahaha jk