March 18, 2016

Pretty uninteresting posts ahead

Hey peeps!

Yes, the title bares it all...

I don't know what's with the sudden obsession, but for sure I will be posting about boring scholarships interviews and stuff.

One of the reasons is because I was shortlisted for an interview from one of the scholarship bodies. And this is not my first time.

So having the chance to attend the interview was one thing, but the experiences I gained was another! I can now at least annihilate any tinge of nervousness, striking unexpectedly.

As a bonus, I also finally got to meet my ex-schoolmates from SMKJ4 (some of them moved to SASER and ASIS) and some interview dos and don'ts as well.

And yes, maybe I will be posting that up later too. Surely before the world ends.

I suppose that's it since I have to finish 2 more essays due tomorrow (sigh). Sayonara!

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