March 18, 2016

Random rants

Hey peeps!

So it has been March 2016 already and obviously, I haven't posted anything during 2015. Well, probably because it was the most frightful (and busiest) year amongst any other years.

Yes, it was the examination (read: SPM) year!

Well to be honest, not really because it is of no use for me to post anything since no one would ever read or found this blog anyway.

So first week of March had been very hectic since we all need to do researches about scholarships and stuff. Even the very very early stage of scholarship application is super exhausting since we need to write essays ranging from 250 to 1000 words. Not to forget, when it comes to the part where we have to fill in the form with infos of our family members.

Simply imagine if you have more than 5 siblings!

I wonder if the past scholars had been doing the same mundane, boring, monotonous, uninteresting (I'm squeezing in every word possible to emphasize the dullness of this activity) thing...

And even the sadder part is that getting to know that my friends were not qualified to apply for most of the scholarships despite getting straight A's (combination of A+/A/A-) albeit it seems like not succeeding of getting shortlisted for the applied scholarship after all the essay and hard work is such a disappointment either.

Speaking about results, Well I didn't managed to get straight A+, or 9A+ in my case although I have been aiming on getting such gratification, so basically my actual results fell short of that. To be honest, I was devastated at first upon receiving my slip on the stage and I did burst into tears right after I got down from the stage, but for a few seconds only!

Haha funny me!

However, such feelings of affliction gradually faded and now, I am being grateful and it is such a liberating experience because I no longer have to live depressingly under the hopes of anyone. Yes, I cannot fulfill everyone's expectation, in fact no one can, right? And yet, people still congratulate me on my results.

"Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?"
-Surah Ar-Rahman

So now lets just wait for the best planning that Allah has for us. Adios!

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