March 22, 2016

YTN scholarship interview 2016 (Part 1)


I'm back! And it has been several days after my previous post. If you guys can still remember (its not even a gazillion years), I was shortlisted for the YTN interview and today is the day! (I got the afternoon session)

So, today I woke up a little extra early than usual (to be honest it was only 30 minutes earlier) so as to finish anything that's left to do.




Just kidding! Just so you know, Mr. Procrastination will always (I hope not) be my truest mate. That one treacherous friend that'll definitely backstab you at the most unexpected time of the day.

Back to the story, the interview was held at the RHR Hotel which is located inside of the Uniten in Bangi. Surprisingly, despite all the news that we heard almost everywhere, the weather wasn't even sunny at all. There was no sign of extreme heat wave and in fact it was drizzling pretty heavily not as per usual.

This is the front section of the hotel. As I've mentioned earlier, it was raining cats and dogs so I grabbed this pic from google image (I have to). Hahaha. But now, the hotel has already transformed to grey.

The registration part was a bit weird and confusing (not really, but to me it is). Just because I arrived to the hotel a little bit early (as ordered by YTN themselves), so I decided to spare my time wandering around the lobby, looking for open wifi. And no, there's no wifi for you. I suppose you will have to be the hotel guest first? So here's a few snaps of the lobby (I'm sorry but its pretty bad)

East wing of the lobby

West wing

Then there was this one guy (I cannot recall his name) calling for scholarship applicants from the east wing of the lobby. So we gathered and there were like 20 of us? (I don't know! 20 is just a hentam approximation) And then I saw our names listed on the whiteboard.

Guess what? there was Zafri Zahri amongst the names on the list (Jep, if you're reading this, Hi!) I don't know but I felt so excited out of a sudden. Just so you know, he was a classmate of mine back then in BASIS. But then again, only did I realize that he was assigned for the morning session. Mine was the afternoon session (not so afternoon, I would call it evening because it started at approximately 2pm)

Next, we were required to go to the first floor. And there was the place where all the registrations and stuff were held. And we got divided into 7 groups if I'm not mistaken. But let me get things clear before we progress, THIS IS NOT A GROUP INTERVIEW. The grouping was only meant to determine the room that we're about to get interviewed. So, I got to join group B.

Before that, PLEASE REMEMBER TO ALWAYS BRING BOTH THE ORIGINAL AND PHOTOSTATED VERSION OF YOUR CERTIFICATES. Make sure that the photostated version of your certs have been certified earlier by your school's principal or whoever that is eligible.
Or else you might be facing problem of not getting allowed to be interviewed so please be cautious.

We were then ordered to wait in a pretty plain and not so fancy conference room named Titan 5 (I cannot recall the name of the room lol) for a simple briefing on the history of TNB as well as the courses and countries offered.

While waiting, I managed to take a few pics of the other applicants so here they are:-

See, its all plain white and boring.

2 lovely ladies from SESERI (don't get confused with SSP, okay?)

Meet Adrian, my newly met friend from Tanjong Karang. (update; I will be meeting him again during PYD!)

Okay, I'm gonna continue in another post because why not :)


  1. I wonder if you would share your experiences during PYD. ;D

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