April 16, 2016

Of options and the incertitudes

Hey peeps!

Just so you know, this whole week had been very hectic and so packed! Never have I ever been through such a busy period since last SPM, which was a few long months ago. To be frank, I did get the chance to dodge such lunacy but hey, life would be boring then.

Last Monday, I attended the PNB scholarship assessment test, sort of. Well, the test was okay but I'm not gonna share much for now because I'll be posting about this in another specific post. (Update; click here for the post)

Second thing, I was (luckily, thank God) invited to attend Yayasan Telekom's EQ Camp for 3 days (from Wednesday to Friday). So basically the camp is actually one of the YTM scholarship selection processes. (Update; click here for the post)

The first stage was the Cubiks IQ test which I have never thought of doing well for the assessment because it was way more difficult than Khazanah's and Petronas's. The second stage was the camp and the last part was the interview stage. Again I'll be posting this up in another post.

And despite the fact that many schools have already held their Majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan since the past few weeks, months or so, my school's turn was today!

Of course, as the normal Majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan would run, there were prizes for the high achievers and top scorers, photograph session with our graduation robes on, speech, you know what's next.

But the highlight was that when my friends and I, we shared our excitement and jubilation of succeeding to survive school days, whilst talking and worrying about our future. Guess what, I also got to meet my beloved teachers, listening to their advices and encouragements for what's ahead.

Thanks a quadrillion cikgu, you really made me enjoyed my school times real hard! Surely you all will be missed. *cries*

Now, as the title propose, life is nothing but about making accurate decisions whilst having to bear the risks of the uncertainties. For your information, I made it to be offered the MJHEP scholarship (click here for the interview post). There will be a total of 150 successful candidates out of a few thousands if I'm not mistaken.

However, I really can't decide whether if I should just go for the scholarship considering the fact that I have also attended a lot more other interviews.

What'll happen if I accept this offer? That means I will not be able to accept another offers anymore (unless if I'm gonna have to pay for about RM10,000 which to me, is ridiculous).

But if I'm about to reject it, what if this is the only offer that I'll be getting? As the Malay saying goes, "Yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran".

Then about a few moments later, to my utter shock, I was offered another scholarship. (click here for the interview post).

So that simply means that I don't have to fret much on whether to accept the MJHEP offer or not. Unfortunately, after a few Q&A's with tons of people, most of them would raise doubts about the country that I'll be going- the United States of America.

"Why won't you go for Japan? Compared to the States, they are a whole lot nicer"

"What if Trump wins? You're a Muslim"

Questions like this make me feel even more perplexed, knowing the fact that they might be true too. But then again, I don't think I'm gonna pick Japan over the States because the registration for MJHEP is tomorrow and I haven't done any preparations at all! (17th April 2016) 

Only now did I realize that selecting over options is too baffling since we are definitely unsure of the consequences trailing behind. So the only solution is to decide wisely! 




  2. Kamu adalah yg terpilih jadi pastinya kamu bukan calang2 orang. Maksudnya kau memang hebat Is... Haha.. Teruskan perjuangan anda.

  3. good luck in the future

  4. Wow great job! So you decided to choose Petronas instead of MJHEP?

  5. doa jelah trump tetiba mati kena panah petir ok jk

  6. wahhhhhh iskandar congrats wehhh lama gila tak jumpaaaaa 😢😢

    1. nasrinaaa!!! mekasih!!! darjah 6 kann last jumpa :')