April 4, 2016

Petronas scholarship interview (PYD 2016)

Hey peeps! 

After quite a while, I haven't posted anything yet so today, especially for the aspiring future Petronas scholars out there, I'll be sharing my experiences during the adventurous (not really) Petronas YoungStars Day 2016 (read: PYD). 

I don't know why the hell did Petronas named their scholarship interview process as PYD. I assume that it is because, well the event took place for the whole day (including a few other days in Taylor's Lakeside Campus and East Malaysia) to pluck the brightest stars amongst us - through some assessments and interview, obviously.

So that morning, I woke up extra early (again) because the interview was held at KDU College in Utropolis, Glenmarie (somehow, I personally think that the name Utropolis sounds like a place located somewhere in a superhero movie). Quite a distance from my house, in Bangi.

So good luck folks, I don't think it's easy to look for that place (but with GPS to assist you, anything's possible).

And one more thing, unless if you're already familiar with the location, please don't try to make any suicidal attempts of heading there with the hopes that you'll reach the place right on time, by starting your journey behind schedule. Trust me, morning in the city is usually considered as one of the peak hours especially for traffic jam.




Which I did, hence it caused me to arrive there slightly late, thus I was assigned for the later groups; Lab 7-10.

L8 simply means Lab 8 and I don't know what was the number 17 for.

So as per usual, there will always be a briefing session for whatever scholarship interviews you're going to attend. And the registration was held in the same hall as the briefing session. I don't know whether if the hall has a name or whatever, because I simply couldn't care less. 

Not to forget that they also provided us breakfast - ikan bilis bun and a bottle of (Mesra, Petronas brand y'know) mineral water. So you don't really have to worry much of not having breakfast at all.

I ended up giving away the bun to my lil sister since I never liked it even from my school days back then in BASIS (DM of my school always serves them for supper).

But surely, I was really in love with the design and geometrical shapes studded on the wall, because it looked so stunning and minimalistic.

Enough with the frenzy, we then sat according to our respective groups and we all headed to the lab we were initially assigned, to sit for two assessments - CPSQ and TSA.

For CPSQ, the test is all about your personality and how do you play your role in a team, things like that. And do remember that this is a timed assessment so 45 minutes is more than enough since it does not require you to think really much.

But for TSA, this is the normal assessment that you would eventually answer during any other scholarship selection. It requires you to fully utilise your brain functionality, and to think as fast and as efficient as you can (hahaha trust me, the truth doesn't really resemble my description of the test so no worries). And we were given approximately about 90 minutes to finish 40 questions. So that's definitely a lot of time for such little number of questions. I reckon you to sit for some online aptitude tests first, merely for preparation.

So around 1pm, we (applicants from the same lab as mine, Lab 8) finished both of the assessments and we headed back to the hall to retrieve the original copies of our certificates. Do remember that during the registration, we were required to hand in both our original and certified true copies of our certificates to them at the counter.

Interestingly, they also provided us with chicken rice and a bottle of mineral water (Mesra, again) for lunch. It was very nice of them to actually offer us foods since there were like a total of a few hundred applicants for that day only.

And I ended up finishing my meal at the table in front of 7E. Plus humans passing here and there. Not much privacy to eat but hey, I was sitting amidst the crowd so what to expect?

Before we progress, let me make things clear first. This year (I don't know about the previous years), only successful candidates will be called for the second phase in the evening. Successful here means that you managed to answer the assessments according to the criteria predetermined. And the second phase is simply the interview session.

So after about an hour of waiting, around 2pm only did they pasted the lists of names of the successful candidates. To be honest, firstly I was hoping that I won't succeed to advance to the second phase since I was already super duper exhausted and I need a good deep sleep.




And yes, I managed to proceed to the second phase. Kiss goodbye to dozing on my fluffy bed. We were then required to gather in a very big, fancy-looking (if compared to the conference room during my YTN scholarship interview at RHR Hotel) room before we headed to the holding room, if I'm not mistaken (I really can't recall the name of the room). I personally think that it was more like a hall because it was too big to be considered as a room. 

Then again, we sat in groups. I have like four other members in my group excluding me; Kaulah, Sheann, Amirah and Hafiiz. 
We needed to remain in this room first. Probably a lecture hall.

This is the hall before we headed to the second room. Notice the wall there? 

On my left was Aizat from KUSESS (Yes, the same person from my group during the MJHEP final interview) but this time he was not in the same group of mine though. By the way, we were in the holding room.

On my right, there was Hafiiz Rashid from INTESABER. That girl in red hijab was my group mate too. Her name is Kaulah from KISAS.

In the holding room, we were all given a sheet with a case study on it. And there was about 15 minutes for us to develop our points alone. Yes, alone. No discussion or whatever.

Then only we were allowed to discuss and share our thoughts and ideas during the interview session. But to be honest, the interview felt more like a casual group discussion instead of like a very serious interview because everyone was like so chill and relax. About the case study, we were asked to think about effective ways or methods to boost sales of the Mesra shop at the Petronas gas stations. But I guess different sessions have different sets of case studies.

So overall, I think the interview was okay. Just don’t overshadow your fellow group mates because that will make you look selfish.

So to soothe my humdrum mind after hours of dealing with humans, I'm gonna please my retina with this gorgeous view of the front of the building. Pity me that I have to deal with my peculiar sense of taste lol.



  1. So did you get the scholarship?

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  2. Hi, may i know when u applied for PESP, did u apply for UTP(the university itself) as well? If you get the scholarship, u will get a place in UTP automatically ,rite? Thx

    1. Hi,

      Nope, I didn’t apply for both UTP and the local program because I applied for the overseas program only. And yes, if you get the local scholarship, Petronas will automatically send you to UTP.

  3. Hi, did u apply for UTP as well when u applied for PESP?

    1. Hey there,

      No, I applied for neither UTP nor the local program under PESP. I applied for their overseas program only.