April 18, 2016

PNB scholarship written test 2016

(Update; I was shortlisted for an interview on 23rd May 2016, but I didn't attend the session)

Hey peeps!

Last Monday (11th April 2016), I was selected to sit for a written test for PNB Global Scholarship Award 2016. Actually, there was not much going on because we only went there solely for the purpose to sit for the assessments.

But somehow the ambience reminded me of the good old SPM days, since the tests were held in a hall and the atmosphere was similar to that of our school's examination hall. 

The waiting lounge.

From what we were told by the officers in charge, the total of the shortlisted applicants who will be attending the tests are around 1000 students. And even more shockingly, only 20 successful candidates will be bestowed with the scholarship award.

In the truest sense of one's mind, what kind of competition is that? 

Probably, provided that I'm good enough to actually make it to the next stage (which I think sounds way too absurd), maybe I'm just gonna stick to what I already have. In fact, only now did I realize, how much endurance does it really cost to go through all the strenuous processes of scholarship selection.

Enough with the ramblings, then we were required to sit for three different timed tests. Just so you know, the assessment was divided into three sections. I had previously sit for Yayasan Khazanah, Yayasan TM and Petronas tests before and luckily, they were all pretty much the same. Its just that they were all conducted online, unlike PNB where I had to blacken my answers on the answer sheet.

So merely like the others, PNB's written test comprised of;

1. Verbal test:- Probably to assess our understanding and comprehension skills. We were presented with short passages of texts and needed to answer a True, False or Cannot Say response to each statements. This section contains 30 questions and you have to answer them all within 20 minutes.

2. Numerical test:- Now we were required to answer questions using facts and figures presented in statistical tables, graphs or whatever it maybe. You don't have to worry much, the questions were all Mathematics related and I know you guys are totally experts in numbers. 20 minutes for 18 questions.

3. Diagrammatic test:- The test is about the understanding of concepts and ideas, visualized with the use of diagrams and imagery instead of by linguistic or algebraic means. You'll have to guess the next picture in the sequences. This time, 40 questions in 20 minutes.

So I suppose that's it! And to those who have never experienced answering IQ tests like this, you might be calling yourself insensitive to numbers or simply not good at English, but I reckon you to google for aptitude tests. There are a lot of sample questions similar to these, available for free. Remember, practice makes perfect! And the results for the next stage will be out in a month time.

I don't think I will be working with you one day. (ignore the girl)

Goodbye PNB Tower, I can't even look at you properly since the sun was too bright!


  1. Youre so lucky my friend! Alhamdulillah that you have been succeed until what you have got now. So, my advices for you. Head up, stay strong, choose wisely what you want to pursue and the most crucial thing is dont ever forget your friends okay eventho kau belajar jepun ke us ke or whatsoever lah

  2. Haritu ckp kau x buat ape2 pun. Tau2 je dah gi PNB scholarship. Anyway, I'm so grateful to know someone like you yg memenuhkan masa lapang dgn gi iv memanjang. Hahaha. Teruskan usaha anda. I know you're smart, so choose what is better for your future day.

  3. How many were selected for the interview?

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    2. around 10 students for my session including me :)

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  5. How many were selected for the interview overall? Not only for your session i mean but on the whole

    1. I'm so sorry but i seriously don't know

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