May 9, 2016

YTM scholarship 2016

Hey peeps!

Before we start, I would like to apologise for being super lazy as heck. It has been about almost a month since the last time I posted something. Well to be frank, I was tied to procrastination very frequently lately.

So throughout the period of what I would call as 'the zen phase' of my life, or simply my time doing nothing but relaxing all day long before college starts, my wit has gradually faded over time.

Plus, I was also free from any scholarship interviews since the past few weeks. So surely, less conversing equals to even lesser thinking hence explains my evaporating intelligence (I'm serious, I feel so dumb).

So folks, if you have already sense that this post won't attain your academical standard of writing (LOL), you don't have to waste your time giving single attention to this and ended up insulting me or this post. But some encouraging critiques or advices are absolutely welcome. Plus, this post isn't gonna be a detailed description of what actually happened.

So on 21st March 2016, I received an email from Yayasan Telekom Malaysia or YTM for short, requiring me to undertake some kind of an assessment or something, which little did I know at first about the format and its particulars since that was my first time answering assessment ever. Thus everything felt so hard and very challenging. Early hopes of advancing to the next stage were dimmed.

Well the test was pretty much akin to any other assessments. You can simply google for aptitude tests or read my previous post on PNB's written test (click here) and it consisted of three sections; Verbal, Numerical and Diagrammatical test.

Then after the very long wait amidst the silence from YTM, I was super shocked that I was invited to attend the EQ Camp, which is the second stage, through an email dating 9th April 2016. The camp was held in D'Village Resort located somewhere around Malacca Town.

But the main problem then, how was I supposed to get there? It was a 3-day camp starting from a freaking Wednesday till Friday!

So my father decided to ask one of his friends, currently living in Malacca to let me stay for a very short while in his house so that he can easily send me to the venue on the very next day. And yes, it happened. By the way, a big thank you to Uncle Mahathir for letting me stay in your wonderful house overnight. (rumah dia cantik)

The next morning, after a few turns and roundabouts here and there, I finally arrived to the hotel and of course there were signs of people with their parents settling with their things.

While I immediately rushed to the staircase at the entrance, then I bumped into these two fellas; Hafizul from STJ and Hanzalah from MRSM something (I can't recall, sorry) and we greeted each other, and we talked about I don't know what. The conversation went quite lengthy and yes, it happened at the staircase.

The entrance of the hotel. Thanks Google.

Next, we entered the hall for briefings about 30 minutes later. And there goes the boring part, registration, bla bla bla, nothing much.

But what happened after the briefings was something quite idiosyncratic compared to other scholarship interviews or whatever. The ice breaking session was held by doing aerobic exercises, in our freaking formal wear. We danced ecstatically to Bollywood and Thai songs, followed by some other physical activities.

The next thing that happened were all regarding activities in group. There were debates, personal sharing session and writing essays as well. I'm sorry but I couldn't discuss much on this since we were asked to not share anything to other people from outside the group. Hmmm...

Then, the last day was for the interview session. For me, the interview was okay but there's not much to talk about because it was pretty much similar to any other interviews. I was required to introduce myself, and some other random questions. And not to forget, it was a group interview.

And I suppose that's it!

So here's the scenery from throughout the hotel area.

This is the hall. Typical hotel look.

Some kind of a garden, I don't know.

Somehow this amuses me so much.