June 26, 2016

Finally productive

Hey peeps!

It's 21st Ramadan and clearly, the spirit of a sloth (read: extreme laziness) has been invading my inner psyche for quite some time now and it's very dicey since we all know that when you do something perpetually, at some point you'll get used to it and laziness bears no exception. 

So to counter that, I'm forcing myself to become extra diligent by composing this post (almost) at the end of this holy month and to be frank, the contents of this post are going to be quite random so pardon me for that.

First things first, last Thursday (23rd June 2016), it was my first time for this whole month that I managed to finally do something productive, so guess what did I do?




I visited my school! 

Quite shocking, yes? (well, not really because no one actually cares though *cries*)

And as far as I'm concerned, the school has undergone through quite numerous transformations after we left the school, and by far the most obvious change for me is the brand new gorgeous carpet in the school's surau! 

Dear Juniors, you should be very grateful for you no longer have to pray on the old and rough carpet. And by rough, I mean, yes, it was literally rough to the point that the area of skin above my metatarsals blistered, and it hurts! 

The superior view of the metatarsals (as shown in green).

But that is not the only purpose, in fact I visited the school alongside with my other schoolmates: Dalilah, Amy, and Harraz since we were the only ones who haven't registered for university yet. 

The funny thing was that Dalilah initially invited me to go to school with her, with a 'virtuous' intention to pay a visit to the teachers before we enrol to our respective colleges. 

But the plan turned out to be that she also invited Amy and Harraz along and yes it was euphoric. So the plan was a success.

So we met the teachers, asking for their advices and blessings (this is what most of the Malaysian students would do upon enrolling to new places) and Cikgu Zaharah, if you're reading this, HI CIKGU!!! 

Almost everyone's favourite view of the school.
(featuring new wall mounted flagpoles)

And at the very least, my time was properly filled too because otherwise, staying (read: rotting) at home won't help much either.

Plus going to Big Bad Wolf next with them and forced myself to buy a random novel, because or else, I would feel that my time was wasted for going to a book fare, miles away from home but ended up not buying anything in return.

Secondly (and lastly too), I've still got about 3 weeks of break, perhaps I should really start to prepare for university life, including SATs (I don't even know what SAT is) and whatnot because apparently, procrastination is really a serious problem and also, should I say the most chronic factor of failure in one's life (I don't know but this sounds pretty serious and scary).

"Procrastination is like a credit card: it's a lot of fun until you get the bill."
-Christopher Parker

Even the quote above sounds serious and scary too but never mind. And I suppose that's it! Lets hope (and take appropriate action) so that I'll change into a much better person, at least procrastination-less.