March 16, 2017

Results are out!

Hey peeps!

So SPM 2016 results were released earlier today and I was late to my Thermodynamics class. Luckily Dr. Faizal didn’t do anything and those who did research papers for their Thermodynamics project were supposed to present for today’s class. Lucky me.

And throughout the presentation, I kept scrolling my Twitter timeline to see any updates about last year’s SPM results. Without having to do much scrolling, Jia Chen aka Jawee, which is a friend of mine, has already retweeted more than what I needed and wanted to know. So as far as I am concerned, the overall results are better compared to last year’s result and this judgment was made based on the decrease of the GPN score thingy. Congratulations ‘99s, you definitely did better than us. Whatever your result is, you have done your best.

And then what’s next? First thing that you have to be mindful of is to remain alert!! Usually now is the time where corporate bodies give out their scholarship applications and most of the scholarships only give a little amount of time to apply. This is definitely the opportunity that you don’t wanna miss. My advice is that you should follow @lukmankhiruddin on Twitter for the latest updates because I find that my mutuals on Twitter always retweet his tweets about UPU (public universities), scholarships and any other educational stuff. Other than that, websites like and also post updates about scholarships and stuff so don’t miss out!

Before ending this post, one scholarship that I really recommend all of you to apply for is the Petronas scholarship! Petronas offers scholarships for a wide array of courses like Actuarial Science, Chemical Engineering and a lot more! Compared to last year, there have been some additions made to the courses offered this year like Psychology, Material Engineering/Science and Applied Chemistry. Being a Petronas scholar myself, I really enjoy all the privileges that I have received and I want you, future scholars to enjoy all of the benefits as well. Currently, I am in ADP (American Degree Program) in Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus and for me, getting involved in ADP is a whole new level of experience. I met a lot of new friends that I really love, and at certain times, I feel like I don’t even wanna leave Taylor’s University and go to the U.S. because my heart is strongly attached to ADP. So now I am inviting you to join the Petronas family and become a part of ADP.

Any questions on how to apply for the scholarship, just refer to the picture down below.